The especial genius of women I believe to be electrical in movement, intuitive in function, spiritual in tendency.”
— Margaret Fuller

This personal project began early in 2018, as a way to create a new “face” campaign involving the every day woman. Some of these images are taken during portrait sessions, but some are taken specifically for this project as a way to encourage women to be photographed. Existing in photos is priceless, not just for family, friends or other loved ones, but for YOU.

The series showcases women of all ages, all backgrounds and all sizes in timeless black and white images. Some friends, some clients (some both!) are photographed in a studio setting with a simple, one light set-up. Each participant shares their age and occupation at the time the portrait was taken, and subsequently provides their own words on womanhood.

Why wear black? Well, for one thing, everyone looks great in it! More importantly, wearing dark clothing allows us to focus on the most important part: the face.

These images are meant to inspire, encourage and empower, and even the slightest change towards a more positive self-perception will be a mark of success in my book. The project is open to ALL women including those who identify as such and I personally invite, encourage and hope that YOU will join it!

Upcoming Travel Dates - Philadelphia, PA 11/13 - 11/15, 2019

This Series is an ongoing project with no definitive end date - my goal is to potentially develop this collection of images and words into a gallery exhibition as well as a book.

For now, you can follow the project and postings via the Series’ Instagram


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